The ultrasound of the abdomen (USG) and liver function test (LFT) in their routine check-up is must state Dr.Swapnil Sharma, Consultant HPB and Liver transplant

Article by Dr. Swapnil Sharma – The ultrasound of the abdomen (USG) and liver function test (LFT) in their routine check-up is must state Dr.Swapnil Sharma, Consultant HPB and Liver transplant

The liver is the second largest organ in our body and should be given the same importance as the brain and the heart. It is a key player in the body’s digestive system. The liver functions are very important in our body and contribute to the digestive functioning for effective metabolism. Over the past decade, there has been a steady rise in the number of cases of liver disease. World Liver Day is observed on the 19 th of April every year. At Medicircle, on the occasion of world liver day, we are speaking to eminent gastroenterologists and hepatologists to build awareness about the healthy functioning of the liver.

Dr.Swapnil Sharma is a Consultant HPB and Liver transplant with over 11 years of experience. He is associated with Fortis Hospital and Hiranandani, Mumbai. Dr. Sharma is also worked at Koliaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Global Hospital, and Apollo Hospital as a Liver transplant and HPB surgeon.  

Lack of symptoms during the initial stages of liver disease calls for special attention  

Dr.Swapnil Sharma says, “Generally, during the initial stages of liver disease, patients remain asymptomatic. After doing their Liver Function Test, we can conclude about liver derangements in the initial stages. In the initial stages, the liver enzymes like SGOT and SGPT get affected in patients with the liver disorder when they opt for routine check-ups. As the liver damage progresses over time, the patient may develop many symptoms like jaundice, abdominal pain, fluid in the abdomen (ascites), mental confusion ad disorientation (hepatic encephalopathy). Liver problems may affect the kidney as well. Contact your doctor, gastroenterologist, or hepatologist immediately so that your symptoms cans be evaluated and managed well with the correct line of treatment.” 

Regular check-up and screening  is a must for healthy Maintainance of liver

Dr.Sharma informs, “A healthy individual must include ultrasound of abdomen (USG) and liver function test (LFT) regularly in their routine check-up. This will help in detecting hepatitis, early cirrhosis, and other liver-related diseases at an early stage.”  

The solution to fatty liver

Dr.Sharma states, “Fatty liver is a very common problem these days. The two main important causes that lead to the fatty liver are :  

Diet: Eating an unhealthy diet is the main cause of fatty liver 

Sedentary lifestyle: Lack of physical activity can lead to an unhealthy liver 

Fatty liver problems should not be taken lightly. Fatty liver results from the deposition of fats in the liver which later leads to inflammation and liver cirrhosis in long run. Cirrhosis is an irreversible problem that may lead to the need for a liver transplant. Hence, it is important not to ignore fatty liver and contact your doctor if you are suffering from it.  

Diet modification: Diet modification is a must in patients suffering from fatty liver like reducing fat intake and increasing protein intake.  

Regular exercise: Regular exercise is very important for patients who are overweight with high BMI.  

Eradicate the real cause: Eliminating the cause of fatty liver like hypothyroidism or lipid disorder is a must.” 

Three important things for healthy liver

Dr.Sharma explains, “To maintain a healthy liver, you need to take care of: Diet,  Exercise,  Avoid Alcohol."

The liver disease needs solutions from barriers like organ availability and financial cost

Dr.Sharma says, “Liver disease is at a higher rate in India. The main reason behind this is :  

Financial cost: The liver transplant procedure is expensive in India 

Organ availability: Many patients who are brain dead must be taken into consideration by their relatives for liver donation.  

Liver awareness is increasing steadily and gradually. As compared to the last 5 – 6 years, the incidence of organ donation is increased. Organ donation should be increased so that many people can benefit from it.”

Hepatitis vaccine is a must for everyone

Dr.Sharma says, “Hepatitis B vaccine should be taken by everyone. If the hepatitis B titer increases in the blood by more than 10, this results in lowering the chances of hepatitis infection to nil.” 

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